The Importance of Barricade Safety Lights

You’re driving home late from work one night when you notice flashing lights. It’s not an ambulance or a police vehicle, but the small warning lights indicating that road work is being done in the area. You slow down and drive through the work zone without issue. While you might see these lights once in a blue moon, there is no denying the importance of them.

Barricades are an essential part of any road working project. They indicate the border of the zone and prevent traffic from causing interruptions. Reflective strips on these barricades can help at night or in overcast conditions, but they rely on the headlights of passing cars to shine on them. Safety lights shine independently and are visible from a greater distance. They can be attached to various barricades and placed on top of traffic cones to bolster the presence of a road work zone. Multiple lights can be used to indicate where traffic will divert when a lane must be closed.

The battery life of safety lights is a crucial factor in ensuring that barricades are effective. Incandescent lights are typically the less expensive option; LED safety lights last longer and use less power to give off the same amount of light. Solar is also available in providing a longer battery life through small solar panels that are attached to the lights.